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Energy News


DE MAAGD CONSULTING'S ENERGY NEWS: "Just released today, EIA's Annual Energy Outlook stated...Production of liquids and natural gas continues to grow for decades. In the Reference case, production of shale gas resources is projected to increase through 2050. U.S. liquids production (mostly crude oil and petroleum products) begins to decline toward the end of the projection period as less productive areas are developed." Link to full report.


Energy News


DE MAAGD CONSULTING'S ENERGY NEWS 2.7.18; "In the video Nuclear Fusion Energy:The Race to Create a Star they shared that...there are two billion people who do not have access to regular supplies of energy. Professor Gerald Navratil of Columbia University (project funded by DOE) stated that fusion is the ultimate energy source in the universe and one day it will power our society. All the stars in the sky, the sun...all of those lighted objects are powered by fusion. The process is really simple...you take two light isotopes, usually hydrogen and bring them together. They react with a nuclear reaction and produces 100 times more energy than it takes in order to produce the reaction in the first place." LINK BELOW TO WATCH THE FULL VIDEO



Energy News

Spring 2018 

DE MAAGD CONSULTING'S ENERGY NEWS  Spring 2018 ; Hart Energy's Oil and Gas Investors featured one of my articles on PIOGA's Spring event. 


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